Struggling to lose weight, mood swings and that afternoon slump, controlled by food and confused about what you should be eating?

Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, no longer confident in who you are, and never able to stay on track or consistent?

Sound familiar? 

Well I want you to know that life doesn't have to be this way.

You can ditch the diets and change the way you feel inside and out, reigniting your confidence and passion for life. 

You can lose and keep off the weight for good, fall in love with you see in the mirror, revitalise your energy levels and find happiness in yourself.
With the 'Body for Life' programme you are going to empower yourself to take back control of your life.
So are you ready to stop dieting and start living?
"After my dads cancer and turning my own life around I've been on a mission to change the way this country uses and thinks about food, and show others that a healthy lifestyle is achievable for all, and now I want to help you too!"
- Byron Morrison, Author of

'Become a Better You'
Here's what you'll do:

  •  Gain the knowledge to eat in a way free from restriction, creating healthy balanced meals based around foods you love and stop feeling overwhelmed by what you should be eating 
  •  Discover the biggest weight loss mistakes that most people are making, that probably includes you without even realising it and how to avoid them
  •  The secrets to losing (and keeping off) weight without counting calories, starving yourself, or giving up your favourite foods
  •  How to eat socially, deal with cravings and put an end to snacking
  •  Get the confidence and tools to make a better life and future for you and your family
  •  Break through all the conflicting and confusing information, change your relationships with food, uncover how to listen to your body and more...
This is everything you need to become a healthier, slimmer you, broken down in a easy and simple to follow way, without making it anymore complicated than it needs to be.

Meaning no more dieting, no more restriction, no more slimming clubs and no more starving yourself.

Just lasting results to the way you feel inside and out.
How does it work?

  •  You'll have access to your own account where you work through the lessons, and you can access your account on any phone, tablet, laptop or computer
  •   The programme uses a mix of videos, tutorials and downloadable cheatsheets
  •  Alongside that you'll join a community of like minded women, where you'll be kept accountable and consistent, share recipes and make friends
  •  Byron will be in the group, answering questions, doing live videos, running team challenges and providing support
How much does it cost?

One of my biggest goals with this is to make this accessible for everyone, which is why there are two options for joining this programme, based around the level of support you require.

As for the community it is £5 a month to be part of the team, with no minimum contract and you can cancel anytime!
Option 1: Self study

You can join for just a one off of £47 and then it's just £5 a month for access to the community and support, with no minimum contract and you can cancel anytime!
Option 2: Body for Life VIP

If you want extra guidance and support with the VIP package you get:
  •  3 Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions (held over Skype of the phone)
  •  Tailored weight loss and goals plan (progressed in sessions)
  •  Food diary analysis and nutrition guidance
  •  Priority email access for questions
You can join Body for Life VIP for £197 and then it's just £5 a month for access to the community and support, with no minimum contract and you can cancel anytime!
Any questions?
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